Things (often) Are Not As They Appear

26 Nov


The jackals who feed upon us
Fed upon the U.S. Civil War:
The truth is found in history.
The jackals are here, we plainly see;
Now they encourage our civil war!

Black on black is what they want.
Brother against brother is fine.
Then the masters of genocide,
Who’ll cheer when all have died,
Can otherwise invest their time.

Economic hit men is what they are:
They seduce a nation’s leaders first
And promise them a delicious piece,
To get rich on the innocent deceased.
These hitmen save the leaders for the worst.

After all these centuries …
Do Africans not know their history?
All of the new white faces
Have demonstrated they are racists.
Why they’re helping us now is no mystery.

A jackal ready to cross a river
Offers a mouse a ride, too.
The mouse said, “Please don’t eat me.”
When the jackal bared his teeth
He said, “Too bad, that’s what I do.”

Jamming the radio is foolish.
How else can we get out the word?
That leaders and people will stand as one,
Till all the encroachers are overrun …
For all of the suffering we have incurred.

There are profits but only short-term,
Then the jackals will show their teeth …
And then pump all our the nations dry …
And leave ALL the people to cry and die.
On our bodies these jackals will feast.

Blood is more noble than oil.
The people should make peace with leaders
And the leaders should give ample thought:
That brothers and sisters cannot be bought.
The jackals have already built their nations with our people!

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– Randall Carter Gray / Tanata

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One response to “Things (often) Are Not As They Appear

  1. jmilhouse

    November 27, 2007 at 10:46 am

    That’s a great piece.


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