On Our Watch

28 Nov

You can watch the Frontline program “On Our Watch” at PBS. I recommend it.

Nat Hentoff (The Village Voice) asks, Has anyone heard Darfur mentioned in the presidential debates? Or in Congress? In It’s Only Black Muslims

Sand and Sorrow premieres on HBO December 6th.

Join thousands of activists and viewers across the country to watch the premiere of the HBO documentary Sand and Sorrow, a powerful film about the tragic and ongoing genocide in Darfur, on THURSDAY December 6 at 8:00 PM ET/PT. ENOUGH and Campus Progress have teamed up to coordinate and organize house parties across the U.S. to view and discuss the film together. Samantha Power, Nick Kristof and John Prendergast will host a conference call following the film. The chat will give you the opportunity to talk about the film and discover practical ways that you can make a difference to stop the genocide.

Sign up for the call here.

Discussion questions are available here.
Sign up for the house parties and the call, and learn how to host a house party here.


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One response to “On Our Watch

  1. Yobachi

    December 4, 2007 at 6:00 pm

    Frontline always does great stuff, I’m definitely going to watch that some time soon.

    You know when we were mailing letters about Sands in Sorrow back in August or September? I just got a response letter about a week or so ago – lol!

    Screw HBO!


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