Darfur, Clooney, The U.N., The Candidates

05 Feb

An overt snub from some at the UN.

GEORGE CLOONEY was left with a bruised ego when he paid a visit to the United Nations headquarters in New York on Thursday (31Jan08) – because some delegates refused to let him speak.

I can see the bristle of the thin skin, understandable in some ways but considering how little success the UN has had in Darfur it was a little disingenuous.

In the meantime Sudan delays signing Darfur force deal because one of their ministers was traveling, letting us know just how insignificant the lives of their citizens in Darfur are to them.

Don’t forget to ask your candidate about Darfur

The candidates on Darfur.

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One response to “Darfur, Clooney, The U.N., The Candidates

  1. captain lifecruiser

    February 6, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    Something else, welcome to a post of mine where I even write something about Darfur:

    Volunteer travel for humanity


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