Weekend Darfur – Many Voices For Darfur.

09 Feb

Sad as it is the truth is in this post:
U.N. Officials Tell of Impasse in Darfur Peacekeeping Task

Jan Eliasson, the special envoy for Darfur, said the present impasse could cause the people of Darfur, particularly those in overcrowded camps, to lose confidence in the ability of the United Nations to help them.

Ya think?

The fact is these people still have hope, and that is a miracle in and of itself.

He added that “while the people of Darfur cannot wait forever, we will have to accept that the steps towards an eventual peace agreement will be incremental and will take longer than we have initially hoped.”

Incremental? I guess that is one way to put the failure of the U.N. to do anything to help the people in Darfur since this conflict began in February of 2003.

It’s heading toward a full scale war now, and peace keeping troops which can barely operate as it is will be unable to operate at all should this happen.

Please do what you can to Help Darfur Now.

In the meantime maybe you’d like to become one of the Many Voices for Darfur, a collaborative effort, involving k-12 students from around the globe, to raise awareness about the genocide in Darfur. On March 6th, we are asking students from around the world to visit this blog and leave thoughtful comments

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