11 Feb
Joint Statement on the Crisis in Chad

The following is a joint statement on the crisis in Chad from
the ENOUGH Project, the Save Darfur Coalition, and the Genocide Intervention Network:

The outcome of the crisis in Chad remains uncertain, but the peril for civilians in Chad and Darfur is enormous. A low-intensity, festering civil conflict between the Chadian government and a disparate group of rebels exploded into violent confrontation in the capital N’Djamena. Thousands of refugees fled the city, and the threat of renewed violence continues. The Sudanese government, which is responsible for genocide in Darfur, supports the rebels trying to overthrow Chad’s government because it wants to block the deployment of European Union peacekeepers to Eastern Chad. Sudan’s ruling party not only threatens its own citizens, which it has destroyed in great numbers, it is a menace to the entire region. It will remain a menace until the rest of the world makes the cost of doing so too steep.

Therefore, the Save Darfur Coalition, the ENOUGH Project, and the Genocide Intervention Network make the following policy recommendations:

1. The U.S., France and UK should work with China and Russia to introduce immediately a UN Security Council resolution authorizing targeted sanctions on senior Sudanese officials responsible for supporting the overthrow of a neighboring sovereign government, for obstructing the deployment of international protection forces in Chad and Darfur, and for continuing to promote violence in Darfur.

2. The U.S., UK, France, and China, as leading members of the UN Security Council, and in coordination with the UN, the AU, and the broader international community, should work together to ensure that the UNAMID peacekeeping mission in Darfur and the EUFOR and MINURCAT peacekeeping missions in Chad/CAR are immediately and fully deployed.

3. The U.S., France, UK and China should use this opportunity to form an international “Quartet” to work with the UN and AU to promote an end to the interconnected conflicts in Chad and Sudan.

Take Action: Click here to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and demand international action to bring an end to the violence in Chad and Sudan.

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