Five Years and Counting.

25 Feb

KHARTOUM, Feb 25 (Reuters) – An elderly Darfuri woman stood in front of the charred remains of her house. She tapped me on my shoulder and held out a wizened hand full of seeds.”How am I supposed to eat this?” she pleaded.Totally humbled, I was speechless, unsure how to help.

Now her face haunts my nightmares.

It will be five years on Tuesday since war broke out in Darfur, since rebels seized a town and prompted a Sudanese counter-insurgency reckoned by foreign experts to have killed 200,000 people and driven 2.5 million from their homes.

I have been writing on Darfur for 4 1/2 years.

More than ever, I am wondering how much difference my reporting can make.

Read the rest at WITNESS-Five years on, what good can reporting Darfur do?

By Opheera McDoom via Reuters

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One response to “Five Years and Counting.

  1. Tony

    February 27, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    Hi Cooper –

    I thought you and your readers might like to know that Sam Worthington (President of InterAction, the largest coalition of U.S. NGOs working in developing countries) is currently in Darfur, visiting humanitarian aid workers on the ground there. He is inviting questions from those concerned about Darfur and the well-being of humanitarian workers there.

    Your readers can follow Sam’s travels by going to and clicking on Sudan Diary.


    Tony Fleming
    New Media Manager @ InterAction


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