STAND Stronger

03 Mar

STANDstronger provides inspiration, analysis, news and commentary on the activist movement, the situation in Sudan, and the international response. Visit the blog at for an insider voice from the student activist group STAND, and be sure to add it to your links, favorites, RSS feed, and blogroll. My name is Daniel, and I’m the creator of the blog. I’ve studied the Horn of Africa in an academic setting, and now direct the education efforts of one of our southeast chapters. I believe strongly that any voice can be a voice of power, and that my organization and others provide a means not to be isolated in our concern. The Polish poet Tadeusz Różewicz wrote,

The curtains/ in my plays/ do not rise/
and do not fall…
/they rust/
rot clang/
tear open”

The time has long been nigh for Sudan’s atrocities to enter center stage, for the world to turn a gaze of astonished fury and a hand of compassion and justice. But for too long our cause has faced an indifferent audience content to prolong the intermission before the awaited act. But now, now I believe the curtains are groaning, rotting, clanging to open before this awful and yet righteous staging of the human tragedy. Help make it happen. Show me some solidarity at STANDstronger.

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Posted by on March 3, 2008 in Blogs, Bookmarks


One response to “STAND Stronger

  1. cooper

    March 6, 2008 at 2:07 am

    Thank you, and I hope to see more of you Daniel.


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