Tibet Will be Free

16 Mar

China was taken off the State Department’s list of worst human right-violators, a list which includes Sudan, Eritrea, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Burma and of course Iran, with no real explanation from Jonathan Farrar, acting assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labor, except an admission that the report shows their human rights record remains pretty abysmal. The situation with Tibet is haunting them.


The Olympics, showcasing China’s emergence into the land of modernity. How so really?

The selling of arms to Sudanese government to murder their own people, while becoming a major harvester of their oil didn’t seem to phase them, or others such as Russia leaving the UN virtually tied to a no win situation. The Tibetan monks and their quest for and independent and free Tibet may be a bump for China, though China owns the world now or close to it, and condemnation doesn’t matter much when you are the one with the money.


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