Ain’t That a Shame.

30 Mar

United Nation News on Darfur.

It’s like we told you, the death toll is somewhere around more than 200,000, maybe close to 400,000 dead, but we really don’t have the time and resources to count. Besides that the tyrannical government of Sudan, the one that has been running the whole genocide for years now, doesn’t want us to count and won’t let us in, so we will continue to do what we’ve done successfully for the last four years, basically kiss Khartoum’s ass.  When they tell us it’s nowhere near 200,000 dead, even if all indications are it is much more than 200,000 – like much closer to 400,000 dead, we will agree and go no further. We can’t even protect the humanitarian aid workers on the ground , or figure out who is a refugee and who is a rebel any more . What do you really want us to do? We’re just doing our job.

Eric Reeves believes the death toll could be closer to 500,00 , Prendergast, at the Enough Project estimates 400,000, though it’s hard to tell lately between all violence, disease and starvation says Allyn Brooks-LaSure, spokesman for the Save Darfur Coalition.

Over four years later, here we are not even able to get in to the area to count the bodies.

Ain’t that a shame.
Death toll of 200,000 disputed in Darfur

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One response to “Ain’t That a Shame.

  1. BillyWarhol

    March 30, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    It is a shame + even more shameful that nobody in the West even cares or gives a flying fart*

    I dunno people are so absorbed just with surviving themselves + worrying about their own Jobs + everything else*

    I still think a lot of positive stuff could be done if the outrageous amounts of $$$ Money were not being completely Wasted on Bush’s Illegal War in Iraq*

    Bloody Insane*



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