Five Years and Counting for Darfur

25 Apr

Five years of hell for Darfur, and progress is not only slow it is almost nonexistent.The U.N.-African Union forces promised have not materialized, no helicopters, supply trucks to refugee camps, and aid workers being attacked, the death toll rising.

Despite the well over a billion dollars the United States has spent to aid the suffering in Darfur there is no political follow-up or engagement, the war criminals neither prosecuted or even arrested.

One year ago the ICC issued two arrest warrants against Sudan’s former State Minister of the Interior Ahmad Harun and “Janjaweed” leader Ali Kushayb for 51 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Today the two men – who face charges of persecution, rape, and killing of civilians in four West Darfur villages – remain at large. Via Human Rights Watch, which has launched a Justice for Darfur campaign.

China needs to be pressured, still, to use their influence to promote a political process in Sudan.

President Bush needs to refrain from attending the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, you can’t possibly spend over a billion dollars of our money trying to help the victims of a genocide and then attend a ceremony in a country which supplies arms to the government to murder their own people just because they need the oil.

Stay home.

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