Darfur Stoves Project

21 May

Though a simple design change, researchers in the US are helping women living in the refugee camps of Darfur, Sudan. Everyday, they must walk for up to seven hours outside the safety of the camps to collect firewood for cooking, putting them at risk for violent attacks. A new design for an efficient wood-burning stove is helping reduce the risk. (Darfur Stove Project)

Reducing the Risk of Rape and Preventing Environmental Degradation With Fuel Efficient Stoves

The Berkeley-Darfur Stove
The story is from Quest, a science show at KQED, the PBS station in San Francisco.

Their video is at their broadcasting site. I’m unable to embed it, but here is a short You Tube video.

Darfur Stoves Project
The Darfur Stoves Project PDF. Photo: USAID

There has also been an ongoing effort by USAID to show women in the Darfur camps how to build Fuel-efficient stoves which can be manufactured in camps for less than $3 using local materials, including clay, sorghum stems, dung, aluminum, and water.

Relief Web Question and answers on In search of cheaper, safer fuel for refugees

Some questions and answers on Darfur Stoves Project .

If you want to donate you can donate at global giving for CHF International, or via the Darfur Stoves site.

There are programs just to fund a stove, which if possible the recipients pay a small price for, and programs in which they train local blacksmiths to make the stoves with the goal to have three shops in Darfur that, once fully operational, will each have the capacity to produce 100 stoves per day.


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3 responses to “Darfur Stoves Project

  1. thomas j houpt II

    December 29, 2008 at 12:34 am

    I am trying to get in contact with spencer brodsky….
    listen I have heard about your efforts with wood stoves for the mid, east women, and I was moved, dramatically. the reason is I am part of the wood stove design culture, if you will. my engineering of wood stoves over the past years have altered the way they are produced today. Spencer, if you are reading this, it would help you to find me, my only reward is adding more love to the world. we need it.

  2. john jordan

    April 23, 2009 at 9:49 am

    Very interested in the fuel efficient stoves. Especially seeking Spencer and Thomas J. Im working in Rwanda where we are searching for good design for stoves. Please contact me. Thanks in advance. jj


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