ENOUGH – Report and Activist Briefs

30 May

The latest release from Enough Project.

The town of Abyei no longer exists. In a paper released today, ENOUGH consultant Roger Winter reports from the field about the attack by the Khartoum-controlled Sudanese Armed Forces in Abyei. The clash displaced the town’s entire civilian population and left its buildings in ashes. As this report goes to the press, the United States has not made a single public statement regarding Khartoum’s instigation of violence in Abyei, the resulting humanitarian emergency, the damage done to the implementation of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, or CPA, or prospects for peace in Sudan.

Read the report here

“Abyei should matter to all who care about peace and democratic transformation in Sudan,” says report author Roger Winter. According to most Sudan experts, Abyei is a unique bellwether of war or peace between Khartoum and Sudan’s South. And now that direct combat between the military wings of the CPA signatories has occurred, the country faces a serious threat of a return to full-scale war through­out the country. The Bush administration and other interested parties must step up and make sure the international community is doing all it can to bring peace to all of Sudan.

Read the report here

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One response to “ENOUGH – Report and Activist Briefs

  1. STAND Stronger

    May 30, 2008 at 4:30 pm


    Thanks for posting on this right away. Most damning in the ENOUGH report is specific evidence of Khartoum’s aggression in the south in violation of the Abyei Protocal of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

    The report is excellent in highlighting some of Khartoum’s motivations, which are often not discernable behind its public face.

    STAND Stronger


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