Southern Sudan Would Vote in McCain

02 Jun

Interesting post in Business Daily Africa titled Obama not popular in South Sudan.

The article says that the Sudanese, in the south at least, want to keep Democrats as far from the White House as possible – citing the fact that the Clinton years occurred during worst phase of Sudan’s 21 – year civil war that left 2.5 million dead, and pointing out a definite hands off approach during that time, an approach they blame Democrats for, Southern Sudanese would vote for McCain.

People were picked up and dropped into crocodile infested waters along the Nile. Some were dropped from military jets while others were brutalized and then murdered in the notorious security headquarters interestingly named, the White House

Interesting perspective. Clinton did lose both The House and The Senate after two years in office, though they are right in that there was not more than a nod given to these situations, or Rwanda, at the time.

Of course the policies presented now, because they are favored by both the public and the international community after the disaster of the debacle of Iraq, are not heavy handed.

It is politics as usual, and we are damned of we do and damned it we don’t.

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