Dream For Darfur Protests Planned June 20th – World Refugee Day

19 Jun

Take Action: On June 20, Demand That Sponsors Speak Out to China About Darfur.


Click link above to sign up and find the exact times and places of events being held at the following headquarters.

New York City
Washington D.C.
Denver Colorado

The Olympics, titled by some The Genocide Olympics, finds sponsor Coca Cola conspicuously silent.

Coca Cola’s has been involved, their approach encompasses: immediate relief to those on the ground; investments to address water, one of the conflict’s underlying causes; and efforts to bring local and international stakeholders together to develop long-term solutions.
Coca Cola Company Statement

Yet to be silent, when to speak out is an option, is an unforgivable path for the company who wanted to teach the world to sing – in perfect harmony. Or maybe that makes sense. If we don’t say anything we can pretend it just isn’t happening. You see it’s not real harmony we are after, it is just a sense of harmony, a pretense of harmony.

Sshhh….if we don’t talk about the over four years of violence, rape and murder, we can go on with this illusion that we are working for a harmonious world. We’re doing all we can … don’t really expect us to speak about the issue now do you?

GE Headquarters, Fairfield Connecticut


Friday is also World Refugee Day

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