The “It’s Too Complicated Excuse”

21 Jun

17,000 peace keepers promised
2100 deployed

There is nothing simple about Darfur, but portraying it as too complicated to deal with, as is done in this WAPO article “A Wide-Open Battle For Power in Darfur” , gives all those who have never cared a reason to continue not to care.

We used this excuse before, during conflicts and genocides where we personally had no vested interest in the resources or the people of any given area, and we are using it again.

Feel better?

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One response to “The “It’s Too Complicated Excuse”

  1. BillyWarhol

    June 24, 2008 at 12:04 am

    Read this in the Toronto Sunday Star yesterday*

    RX for the world

    Suppose $75 billion can be rounded up to invest in making the world better. A staggering sum, yet it’s just $11.36 per capita for 6.6 billion humans. So, what could you do to make the most of that money? Ranked in the order of biggest bank for the buck, here’s what the number-crunching and Nobel-winning economists of the Copenhagen Consensus say could be accomplished:

    1. Vitamin A and zinc supplements for children $60 million

    2. Trade targeted to boost incomes in developing countries $0

    3. Fortifying diets with sufficient iron and iodine $286 million

    4. Expanded immunization for children $1 billion

    5. Boost nutrient content of food crops through biofortification $60 million

    6. De-worming and other nutrition programs at schools $27 million

    7. Lowering the price of schooling $5.4 billion

    8. More and better schooling for girls $6 billion

    9. Local nutrition education $798 million

    10. Support for women’s reproductive health and family planning $4 billion

    11. Heart disease prevention and treatment $500 million

    12. Malaria prevention and treatment $500 million

    13. Tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment $419 million

    The economists identified 17 other high-yield-for-the-dollar solutions to particular problems. But the theoretical budget – this is an exercise, not implementation – was sufficient to “fund” only the top 13.

    Data source:

    The whole Story is very interesting in how to Tackle all these Serious Problems with limited $$$


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