Wednesday Darfur

25 Jun

We will be silent regarding Beijing, but we will give money, and don’t get me wrong, money is greatly needed to prevent starvation and malnutrition in Darfur. It is inconceivable however that under the current conditions – the failure of UNAMID to provide the necessary deployment of security and support personnel that this money will do any good.

We need to try harder or the results for Darfur will be more devastating, if that is even possible. The sense of urgency regarding Darfur can not be diminished, or the result will be death.

Eric Reeves, Darfur’s Perfect Storm

Meanwhile at the U.N. it’s more of the same. Darfur: UN envoy doubtful parties are willing to enter serious negotiations

In the meantime Executive Research
Associates and Manchester Trade are holding a Conference of eminent
international speakers entitled “Darfur and its Impact on Sudan and the
Region” on June 25, 2008, from 8:00 AM to 5:45 PM at The Madison Hotel in
Washington, DC.

The full press release is here

Though according to the Sudan Tribune A Sudanese presidential adviser and a Darfur rebel chief declined invitation to participate in a conference“.


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