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09 Jul

Press Release STAND

Since the May 10 attacks outside Khartoum, over 200 people from Darfur have been forcibly removed from their homes in Khartoum and detained on the basis of their shared ethnic identity with the Justice and Equality Movement, a rebel group that recently tried to overthrow the Sudanese Government. This is a concrete example of the ethnic targeting and genocide that is occurring in Darfur, and hence further evidence of Khartoum’s campaign of brutality. Currently, 36 of these detainees are arbitrarily on trial as accused terrorists and, if convicted, face capital punishment. Last week, STAND held a nationwide conference call on the trials. Click here for the podcast.

Let Sudan know that its acts of ethnic-based violence and violations of R2P do not go unnoticed!

1) Reach your community by writing a letter to the editor about the situation in Khartoum. For tips on writing letters to the editor, visit the STAND website.

2) Reach Congress by emailing that letter to the offices of your Members of Congress. Inform your elected officials that their constituents care about the ethnic-based arbitrary detention occurring right now in Sudan. Locate your member of Congress by clicking here. In your email, be sure to include:

  • Your name and address
  • A message about how this turn of events simply highlights the Government of Sudan’s ongoing ethnic-based policies of repression and failure under the Responsibility to Protect doctrine
  • Your letter to the editor
  • A copy of the Human Rights Watch report on the situation in Khartoum
  • The question: “Why isn’t the United States requesting access to the trials in Khartoum?” This question ensures that both Congress and the State Department are involved in this discussion, which is crucial.

3) Follow up with your Members of Congress! If you don’t hear back from them, or if they don’t provide you with a clear enough answer to your question about the State Department, write back or call them for more info.

Email with any questions!


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