Just one Tear of the Desert

13 Jul

Much clamour about why it s wrong to charge Brashir.

Just a piece of why it is right.
From Times Online:

Darfur doctor: ‘I was raped and taunted as a black dog’

One day the Janjawid attacked. They surrounded the girls’ school, and, while government troops stood guard, they gang-raped the girls. I had to treat the victims, the youngest of whom was 8 years old. I was sickened and horrified beyond words.

Aid workers arrived and asked me to tell them what had happened: despite my fears, I did so. Days later the military and security men came for me again. This time I was beaten, tortured and taunted by gibes of “black dog” and “slave”. I was gang-raped repeatedl

Tears of the Desert: A Memoir of Survival in Darfur

Read a piece of Halima Bashir’s story in the article linked above. Her story is told in Tears of the Desert, written with Damien Lewis. Available for pre-order, shipped on September 9th.


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One response to “Just one Tear of the Desert

  1. Casi

    November 9, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    I finished reading this book yesterday, and I would recommend it to anyone, for it truly humanizes the call to “stop the genocide in Darfur.” This is not just a cause for American hipsters to stamp across their tee-shirts. This is real, and it is happening now. Action must be taken. China must stop providing arms to the Sudan, and an able peace-keeping force must be established.

    Read this book, and petition to allow Dr. Bashir to safely come to America to promote her gut-wrenching memoir.


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