Let the Games Begin

03 Aug

According to the Huffington Post as the Today Show moves to Beijing it will report on Darfur and Human Rights.

The United Nations security council has renewed the mandate of UN-African Union troops in Darfur . A note of concern that any indictment of Bashir might jeopardize the Darfur peace process was added to the resolution, feeling this would send the wrong signal to Sudanese President Bashir and undermine efforts to bring him and others to justice,” the United States abstained. (source)

The African Union wants the Sudanese president’s arrest warrant to be delayed for a year. This is still under consideration by the United Nations.

In the meantime in case you missed it via The Sudan Tribune, Ugandan president does not condemn ICC indictments against Sudan’s Bashir.

The Olympics begin this week.

From Dream For Darfur…

Not a Boycott

Olympic Dream for Darfur is not a boycott campaign, nor does it support a boycott of the Olympics.

Our goal is to leverage the Olympics to urge China to use its influence with the Sudanese regime to allow a robust civilian protection force into Darfur. China is in a unique position to do so: as Sudan’s strongest political and economic partner, as well as the host of the Olympics.

Our campaign supports the Olympics and believes in the ideal of the Olympic Games as a symbol of peace and international cooperation. Our campaign believes that the sports arena is the best forum for countries to “do battle” and we do not advocate withdrawal by any nation from this essential and important forum.

An Olympic boycott, or the threat of boycott, can only create serious divisions within the ranks of countries and constituencies that, like our campaign, care about Darfur and the ideals of peace represented by the Olympics. A boycott also punishes athletes, their families, and spectators around the world.

Bring the Olympic Dream to Darfur

image/Save Darfur

Our campaign has one central ask: “China Please: Bring the Olympic Dream to Darfur.” We are appealing to China, in its role as host of the Games and close partner of Sudan, to use its considerable influence with Khartoum to protect civilians.

Olympic Dream for Darfur applauds that China won the bid to host the Olympics. We commend China’s willingness to work within the international community, and praise the energy and care China has devoted to hosting a celebratory Olympics.

We do believe, however, that with the privilege of hosting the Olympics come responsibilities, including the obligation to live up to the spirit of the Olympics, which means acting as a global leader for peace.
Or We Will Bring Darfur to the Olympics


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One response to “Let the Games Begin

  1. Teresa

    August 4, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    I applaud your efforts but I believe the Chinese Government will never give a damn about Darfur as long as the oil keeps flowing. And as long as China is happy, President Bashir will do very little to harness the Janjaweed and the rape and murder will continue.
    Sorry for rambling on, I just found your blog and I appreciate those such as yourself who are trying to make the world a better place. Thank you.


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