Life in the Camps, and Sudan’s Export Bonanza.

09 Aug

A quick weekend article link.

The NYT with Darfur Withers as Sudan Sells a Food Bonanza reports on what Eric Reeves calls “one of the least reported and most scandalous features of the Khartoum regime’s domestic policies.”

Khartoum shipping out their food for profits while we ship in food for aid. Omar Hassan al-Bashir, no he’s is not a criminal they say, but he will ship out food even as the United Nations ships it in. “United Nations officials have said that if they do not bring food into the region, the government surely will not”.

Sudanese officials call it “building up their economy”. I’m sure if we could see their faces their would be a wink, wink in their somewhere.

The Daily alternative to watching sponsored commercials during the Olympics .The Darfur Olympics.

Day 2: Life in the Camps

Gabriel Stauring and Katie-Jay Scott of i-ACT / Stop Genocide Now, produced this event in Chad. Please visit their website to help bring Darfur’s voices to the world.


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2 responses to “Life in the Camps, and Sudan’s Export Bonanza.

  1. Steve Rose

    August 9, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    I hope Lomong and Cheek can always remember the country who supplied weapons to Sudan rebel in 1996 that started the civil war in the first place.

    Yes, that is CIA and the United States.

  2. John

    August 9, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    We’re aware of the funding of rebels against the tyrant who had been in power since 1989, we are aware the CIA used Sudan for information on Al Queda, uses them
    again, as a matter of fact. The intent of the arms was not to kill the people of Sudan – clearly the intent of the arms coming from China.

    We did not start the genocide my friend, the president of Sudan did that when he decided to quell pending unrest by pitting one faction against the other – choosing those in Darfur as expendable.

    For the love of all people.

    We love our people not out government.


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