Grim News

09 Sep

Attacks over Darfur continue and the The United Nations World Food Program has threatened to suspend deliveries of food aid to Sudan’s Darfur province after a string of attacks on its convoys.

The UNAMID continues to ask fro at last six helicopters, which would make all the difference, yet they have yet to materialize.

The situation is grim, says Sima Samar, the United Nations special reporter on Sudan, in a report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Samar highlighted “indiscriminate” and “disproportionate” bombing of civilians by Sudanese forces in the east of Darfur, as well as ongoing sexual violence and a wave of arbitrary arrests and disappearances.

Attacks on food convoys are increasing and the delivery of aid might have to be suspended should it continue as the UNAMID force is not at full force, as promised over a year ago and no one has offered up their helicopters.

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One response to “Grim News

  1. BillyWarhol

    September 14, 2008 at 8:50 pm

    Read this in the Toronto Star today*

    A nation short on electricity makes plans to grow its own. Using dirt to overcome the ‘biggest obstacle to development in Africa. What they don’t have is access to electricity. 75 per cent of people in this country in eastern Africa must rely on kerosene lanterns and candles after dark.

    We in the West so take for Granted things like Electricity + Hot + Cold Running Clean Water + Food – I hope this Economical Solution Works* Peace*


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