News Bits and Tents for Hope

22 Sep

The arrest of Sudan’s Bashir should proceed, says Richard Holbrooke, former special envoy for the Balkans, former US ambassador at the United Nations.

According to the Herald Tribune, Sudan to lobby UN to avert president’s prosecution.

As we roll according to AFP Five Sudanese Islamists admitted in filmed confessions their role in murdering a US diplomat and his driver in the Sudanese capital on New Year’s Day, a court heard on Sunday.

From Human Rights Watch.
AU: Do Not Call for Suspending ICC’s Investigation of President al-Bashir

Tents of Hope

Join us on a journey of hope and compassion as we design and paint simulated refugee tents in our communities to create awareness and support for the people of Darfur, Sudan. It’s our hope that these tents will serve as doorways to concrete action. It’s our hope that these tents will help lead to the advocacy necessary to stop the genocide in Darfur. .

Click on tents to hope to find out how you can help or participate.
Washington D.C. | NOV. 7-9


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One response to “News Bits and Tents for Hope

  1. tooshytostop

    November 11, 2008 at 8:23 am

    Thanks for the info about Tents of Hope! Too Shy to Stop photographer Shaun Bell was able to take some pictures of the Gathering of the Tents event, which you can view here.


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