Let’s Blame the Victims or Call Them Liars

11 Oct

Sudan’s president denies Darfur rape allegations

Omar al-Bashir denied allegations that militias backed by his government engaged in a campaign of rape and murder in Darfur, telling Channel 4 News that rape was alien to the area’s culture.

“It’s not in the culture of the Darfurians. The Darfurian society does not have rape. It’s not in the tradition,” he said through a translator. He said that women making the rape allegations “are under the influence of the rebels and some are even relatives of the rebels. That’s why they make these claims.”

Wow, now even those from countries where rape is unquestionably used as an act of war are playing the blame the victim game.

I also think if women were at the helm of the solution to this debacle it would be done.

I bet if men were being raped routinely as an act of war men all over the world would cringe. They would act with an expediency we have never seen.

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