Sunday Darfur

26 Oct

The Scramble For Africa

The Scramble for Africa analyzes the current humanitarian crisis in Darfur and the activist movements surrounding it, thereby taking on both the US government and the Save Darfur coalition alike. The authors present the basic information on the political and military aspects of the conflict, examine the options, and suggest ways forward, always with a concern for the broader inter national implications and for the hundreds of thousands of victims.

First in a three part posting by Alex de Waal from Making Sense of Darfur, How Genocides End” (1).

I have always found looking at how anything historically occurred, and assuming things will always occur in that way to be a destructive idea, I hope this goes in another direction. I am looking forward to reading the posting and it’s subsequent parts. You might be interested as well.

In the meantime Nafie Ali Nafie, possible successor to Bashir, dismisses Western charges that Sudan armed and trained Muslim militias to conduct a genocide against black African tribes in the region. According th e the L.A. Times (Hard-line Sudan politician may hold key to Darfur conflict), Nafie feels “The West is using Darfur to destabilize Sudan because Sudan is seen as a rebel government and a bad example for the rest of Africa,” Nafie told the newspaper. “The endgame is to install a puppet, or at least weak, government so they can take our oil.”

Meanwhile according to BBC recent clashes have displaced thousands more in Darfur.

From A Road on The Horizon a place for you view or download Darfur Now – The Full Movie.

We encourage you to review our previous post on the Solar Cooking Project.

Another note, Change Dot Org has a new interface. Their Stop Genocide community you will find Darfur is an issue also considered. It more or less combines news sources. If you haven’t checked out the new do so now. I’ve not spent much time there but the new interface will make it much easier.

If you’re not familiar with change dot org

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