Catch Up With The Darfur Radio Project

07 Dec

This month on the Darfur Radio Project, “Questions and Controversy’ is up. They dip into our archives to take a look at some of the big questions surrounding the situation in Darfur.

Talking with the Sudanese expatriate community in the US about their opinions on the upcoming 2009 Sudanese elections, exploring the controversy over defining the crisis in Darfur–is it genocide, looking into the recent boom of large scale agricultural projects in Sudan and whether this new wealth is trickling down to the local population, and hearing about the debate surrounding the role of climate change in Darfur.
Check out all four new segments at the project site.

The Darfur Radio Project is a monthly radio broadcast that explores the historical, political, economic, and social contexts of the conflict in Darfur. Founded in the fall of 2006, we are based in the Philadelphia area but have contacts across the globe. Though we focus on the situation in Darfur, we also examine the conflict’s spillover effects in other regions, such as Chad and Southern Sudan, as well as the connections and tensions linking Darfur to other regions of Sudan. Our shows, however, are journalism, not activism; we seek to provide balanced coverage of the conflict by examining its various facets and speaking with a wide range of people, including analysts, activists, and Sudanese. While we do not promote any specific agenda, we do support an end to the violence. We believe that education, accurate information, and analysis will play an important role in the search for sustainable, long-term peace in Sudan.

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