Keeping Sudan in the Limelight

05 Jan

More than a year post promises Darfur peacekeepers remain critically short of manpower and have less than half the equipment they need. This as Darfur becomes nothing more than an aside as the situation in Gaza overwhelms the media outlets.

via the Sudan Tribune “Darfur rebel leader slams double standards of Arab Islamic countries”

Abdel Wahid Al-Nur, the leader of the rebel Sudan Liberation Movement, condemned the killing of civilians in both Gaza and Israel, and appealed to the warring parties to take into account the security of civilians, and the observance of international humanitarian laws.

However, Al-Nur denounced the double standards of the League of Arab States and Organization of the Islamic Conference in this regard. He said if the Arab and Islamic countries mobilized 10% of what they are doing now for Gaza they could have prevented the “genocide” committed by Khartoum in Darfur against innocent and unarmed citizens.

He also underscored that Darfur people had and still have been subjected to the killing and oppression. “Khartoum deserves to be condemned for the genocide and war crimes committed” in the troubled western Sudan region, he said.
He also said that the number of people killed in Darfur — death toll rose past 300.000 according to the UN — exceeds the number of populations of certain states member of the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Darfur rebels have been angered and disappointed by the blind support of Arab states to the Sudanese government about the conflict of Darfur.
The Arab League with the support of the African and its participation tasked the Qatar with the organization of new peace talks between the government and the rebel groups.
However, the Qatari initiative received a cool reception from the rebel movements. None of the rebel groups announced clearly its intention to take part in these talks.

The rebels perceive the belated Arab involvement as bid to save the Sudanese president from an arrest warrant that the ICC is expected to issue for Omer Al-Bashir.

A post in The Scotsman meanwhile brings our attention to a far bigger conflict in Southern Sudan where a four year pact is close to collapse.

On January 2nd Dr. Halima Bashir’s was interviewed on the Today Show by Ann Curry. Dr Bashir is the author of
Tears of the Desert: A Memoir of Survival in Darfur, a book we’ve written about here in the past, reviewed here among other places. A read I recommend.

You can view the interview here, it is not embeddable for this blog but may be embeddable for a self hosted blog. Please check it out.

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