Omar al-Bashir – Sudanese president accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity

04 Mar

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has ordered the arrest of Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese president, on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The charges of Genocide were not included in the warrant.

“Al-Bashir has refused to recognise the authority of the international court in The Hague [AFP]
The International Criminal Court (ICC) has ordered the arrest of Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese president, on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
The issuing of the arrest warrant was announced at a news conference at the home of the court in The Hague in the Netherlands on Wednesday afternoon.
The president has refused to acknowledge the authority of the court and, ahead of the announcement, he told reporters that any attempt to prosecute him would have “no value”.

Prosecutors say al-Bashir ordered Sudan’s military, as well as used armed groups, to wipe out three ethnic groups engaged in a rebellion in Darfur.
Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the ICC prosecutor who called for an arrest warrant to be issued in July last year, said on Tuesday that he had strong evidence against the Sudanese leader.

“We have more than 30 different witnesses who will present how he managed and controlled everything,” he said.

Court issues Bashir arrest warrant – Al Jazeera

“Sudan does not recognise the ICC, and Bashir yesterday said the court could “eat” the arrest warrant, which he described as a western plot to hinder Sudan’s development.”

Sudanese president Bashir charged with Darfur war crimes/Guardian UK

Sudan’s Bashir formally charged by ICC on Darfur war crimes but not genocide / Sudan Tribbune

comment on Sudan Tribune Article

“Al bashire would be a tragic fallen hero from Islam or Arabs’s peopple, but for us the victims of his vicious crimes of mass murders, rapes, and discriminations, we will always remember him as Villainous tyrant we ever had in history of our country Sudan. Thanks to the ICC and World at large. There is a little of a just belief in the World. We south Sudanese and Darfur victims will never ever forget this day in our history as long as our history will go.”

-4 March 2009 14:50, by manyok R

The Enough Project issued the following statement in response:
“The International Criminal Court arrest warrant for President Omer al-Bashir provides an unprecedented opening, making Sudan’s prospects for peace riper than they have been in memory,” said John Prendergast, co-founder of the Enough Project. “How the Obama administration handles this immediate foreign policy challenge will have a major impact on the outcome. It is crucial for the new president’s team to clarify to Arab states, China and others that the U.S. policy objective is a just and durable peace for Sudan.”
John Norris, The Enough Project’s Executive Director, added, “This message should be heard loudly and clearly around the globe: If you kill, maim, and rape your own citizens, there will be a cost for your actions. I hope other tyrants and warlords around the globe are taking note. Slobodan Milosevic, Charles Taylor, and now, President Bashir were only willing to learn the hard way. There are now millions of activists around the United States that expect the Obama Administration to make both peace and justice a priority in Sudan.”
The issuance of an arrest warrant for Sudan’s sitting head of state for crimes against humanity offers the Obama administration a chance to catalyze multilateral efforts to bring about a solution to Sudan’s decades-long cycle of warfare. One of the crucial missing ingredients to conflict resolution efforts has been some form of accountability for the horrific crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated by the warring parties in Sudan, primarily the Khartoum regime.
President Obama should now take a number of key steps, including:

* Working with the U.N. Security Council to support targeted sanctions against those most responsible for violence in Sudan and imposing a comprehensive arms embargo against the Government of Sudan;
* Making UNAMID effective with a robust force on the ground in Darfur with a competent lead nation and a clear command-and-control structure;
* Working closely with interested parties with leverage in Sudan and the region, especially China, the United Kingdom, France, and key African countries, to coordinate efforts on peace efforts, the protection of civilians, and accountability;
* Countering continued violations by Sudan on the UN ban on offensive military flights in Darfur; and
* Appointing a senior Special Envoy to not only address the situation in Darfur, but Sudan’s multiple conflicts and their regional dimensions

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