Today’s Darfur

18 Mar

Darfur Dream Team Launches Sister Schools, press release,

“WASHINGTON, D.C. — Basketball stars Tracy McGrady, Derek Fisher, Baron Davis, Luol Deng, Etan Thomas, and Jermaine O’Neal have joined together to announce the launch of the Darfur Dream Team’s Sister Schools Program. As part of the program, the players will work with U.S. schools to raise awareness about the crisis in Darfur and money for Darfuri refugee camp schools. The Sister Schools Program links American middle schools, high schools, and universities with schools in Darfuri refugee camps in eastern Chad. U.S sister schools will raise funds to improve the education of their Darfuri peers through the construction and rehabilitation of school buildings as well as providing teacher training, sports equipment, and other school supplies. The program will also foster cross-cultural relationships and mutual understanding between U.S. and Darfuri refugee students through letter exchanges and video blogging.”

More at the link above.

Announcement from The Genocide Intervention Network

“Since the ICC Indictment of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on March 4, and the expulsion of aid groups from Sudan, there has been a lot of activity from the Darfur activists in the United States. We have written letters to Congress, called 1-800-GENOCIDE, and held vigils in Los Angeles, New York and Boston to inspire our leaders to protect the people of Darfur. Today, with President Obama’s appointment of a special envoy to Sudan, we can see that activism pays off. The special envoy is an important step forward as the U.S. increases diplomatic attention on Sudan, but we still have more work to do.

Enough Project recently published a report about the need for Darfur activism and summarized what activists should be focused on in the post-indictment world. Read the report and discuss the role of activism with co-authors John Prendergast and John Bagwell on Thursday, March 19 at 5:00 p.m. EST. Dial 1-888-674-0222 or 201-604-0498 to participate.”

Maj. Gen. J. Scott Gration, a Swahili-speaking retired Air Force officer who grew up in Africa as the son of missionaries, to take on one of the most delicate diplomatic missions of his presidency, according to three administration officials, who were not authorized to discuss the selection before the official announcement on Wednesday.

Adding Pressure to Sudan, Obama Will Tap Retired General as Special Envoy

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