Candles For Rwanda

07 Apr

Rwanda marks genocide anniversary
Remembering Rwanda–and the Clinton Failure
How to help Rwanda
Why the US didn’t intervene in the Rwandan genocide
What Is The World Doing About Preventing Genocide, Besides Talking?… well they are lighting candles.

“During World War II, much of the full horror of the Holocaust was known after the fact. But in Rwanda, we knew before, during, and after,” says Ted Dagne, a researcher at the Congressional Research Service in Washington, who has traveled to Rwanda on fact-finding missions. “We knew, but we didn’t want to respond.”

Stars Light ‘Candles For Rwanda’ For Genocide Survivors

Honestly, I can barely stand to look at candle lighters. I know the intention is good but I think we like lighting candles, it makes us think we are doing something. We will forever be remembering victims of genocides and unprovoked pre-preemptive wars. It is that path that needs to be changed. I understand the need for those in Rwanda to light candles and the need for others to show solidarity but it is slightly hypocritical on so many levels. “Ok I’ve lit my candle for this month, now call the limo driver I need to go to the Spa and get a good massage”.

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