Genocide Prevention Month

25 Apr

April is genocide prevention month. A time when we can look forward to many written harangues reminding us this is the month to remember genocide, more specifically 6 acts of genocide/mass atrocities which have anniversaries this month, Darfur, Rwanda, Bosnia, Cambodia, the Holocaust and Armenia. There were other genocides of course, but humanity being what it is they are too numerous to mention, and I suspect the list will lengthen over time with history repeating itself, as it tends to do, because man let’s it, always. Genocide will continue with history, politics, greed, or some ridiculous academic speak as an excuse, belying the fact that non of this speak has ever solved the problem of genocide, and history is never an excuse.

The ridiculous bantering back and forth between those who think the ICC indictment of Sudan’s murderous tyrant was the wrong or right move, how Save Darfur shouldn’t be trying to Save Darfur because it’s just getting really uninformed people, uneducated in the “whole story”, all riled up holding rallies and fundraisers and things like that. How dare they. As if those who protest Darfur, and spread awareness of it are not as vocal about injustices committed in their own country but no “the people” are too stupid to be doing this, and it is dangerous. More dangerous than genocides?

Which genocides or mass atrocities has anyone stopped recently? We spend countless conference hours defining genocide from a legal point of view, and analyzing how to prevent it, yet in 2009 we’ve yet to find a way. The most authoritative on the subject talk a good game, yet where is the solution?

It may lie with the people, people who now have increasing access to information on the rest of the world, people who despite having lived under a murderous tyrant of their own, and protesting loudly of it, to the point of calling for the prosecution of this tyrant and his conspirators. People, who though disturbed that thus far their new leader does not see the need for this path to be followed, will until their dying day know that their former leader murdered 100,000 innocent Iraqi’s and displaced millions, people who do know the definition of hegemony. These people may be the only hope to prevent future genocides, by their early awareness of these atrocities.

Photos: Honor the Past, Act Now for Darfur

30 Things You Can Do During Genocide Prevention Month

And until someone else manages to do it, please feel free to Save Darfur.


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One response to “Genocide Prevention Month

  1. Deontologist

    April 28, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    That’s a good argument. Too bad the leaders of organizations like SDC don’t make similar ones.


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