Darfur Lunch Time Linkage

17 Jun

Here’s how one of my aid worker friends put it: “It’s like the boiling frog. If you had said to us at the start of the Darfur emergency that this is where we would end up, then no-one would have accepted it. But Khartoum made things worse bit by bit, almost imperceptibly until we ended up in an impossible situation.”

read the rest at Microwaving the Frog in Darfur /Rob Crilly

Aid groups return to Darfur – with new names

First, they were returning. In a statement last week, the United Nations chief humanitarian official said four aid agencies expelled from Darfur in March for “spying” had been given permission to come back to the wartorn region of Sudan, where more than 4 million people depend on help.

Then they were not.

In pictures: Darfur’s water woes

Sima Samar, U.N. special rapporteur on human rights in the Sudan, also voiced concern at “large scale killings” in the south, where several hundred civilians died in inter-tribal clashes in March and April amid growing violence in the region.

But diplomats said Sudan was trying at the United Nations Human Rights Council this week to win backing from African and Islamic states to block Western attempts to extend her mandate to report on violations in Sudan for a further year.

Sudan forces still attacking Darfur civilians -UN

Remnants of genocide, the preferred term of tyrants and murderers

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