Check Out The Promise of Engagement

16 Jul

The Promise of Engagement (“a project borne of frustration – and of hope”).
Investigating the past 6 years of Darfur policy and citizen advocacy

“A series of reflections on the way forward”
, by Bec Hamilton, who is writing a book on the subject, and who for the past three years has been investigating this question, in between time in Sudan, studies at Harvard Law School, and work at the International Criminal Court.

On Darfur, one question that I needed to find an answer to was how to account for the mismatch between the efforts of a sustained and unprecedented citizen advocacy movement, and the situation on the ground in Darfur today. Only by taking the time to go ‘behind the scenes’ of policy formulation on Darfur, is it possible to tease out the channels through which policy has actually been made, and the ways in which citizen advocacy has and has not had an influence.

This site will be a work-in-progress forum through which I hope you will challenge my ideas and question my assumptions, as I begin to write my findings into a book.

The narrative that is told about our responses to Darfur will influence how the world responses to mass atrocity crimes in the future . . .



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