Things Floating Around the Darfurosphere

21 Jul

On NPR, Randy Newcomb, President, Humanity United and Vice President Omidyar Network, opines in Save Darfur Must Save Itself. I think John put this on the side bar this past weekend but it’s worth a highlight.

It becomes like a game of clue, a game where motives and agendas are always the topic of conversation, the chances, to succeed out of the original intent to stop crimes against humanity or as some would call it (myself included) genocide, long gone because the atrocities at their worse ended long before anyone really cared and after the fact their was too much jockeying for position of rightness.

When you are 17 or 18 you think there is nothing that can’t be solved, then you start working along side adults. You see the politics of even a genocide, see that man, in his not so infinite wisdom, cares more about the politics than the people, and always will. The futility of it all is the most frustrating thing of all.

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