Bono’s Bones

23 Jul


Change the World, a U2 song that I believe donates it’s profits to charity. It’s also the song used for the new Blackberry commercial.

I wonder how much Blackberry/Research In Motion pays Bono for the collaboration? It not like he hasn’t made money off of his third world endeavors. The supposed good will alone has probably been worth millions to him over the years. What I wonder is if his work, and what he has given in time and money balances out what he makes from in some ways, exploiting the third world? I mean I like the idea of EDUN, but do African have a stake in the business, or are they just employees of the business? I’d like to know exactly what the affect RED’S donation have had on AIDS in Africa, and though I know that business models that give to charity, while using charity to make a hefty profit, are all the rage, it seems to me business models that help create not only jobs, but sustainable businesses and independence, are probably what’s needed for real change.

Seriously, so far Bono’s being “constantly in direct contact with world leaders and policy makers” hasn’t really changed anything. Blackberrys and cell phone towers for all would be something I could totally get down with though. At the very least basic cell phones for tribal chiefs, refugees, nomadic goat herders and Janjaweed Militia, Now that would seriously change the world. You listening Bono? Certainly it wold be better for those involved to be able to text to the world at large “they r murdering us – raping our wives – come now – 6 yrs will b 2 late”.

Bono and RIM working on secret promotional plan


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4 responses to “Bono’s Bones

  1. Mary Iris

    July 24, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    Really? Really? How about giving him kudos for what he has accomplished. Saying he makes money from third world debt? Are you kidding me? The man, which is a rockstar, has done more for Africa and their issues than ANY POLITICAN in any era. Check your facts before you print such nonsense. He is no angel, but he is trying and he is doing more than any of those hollywood celebrities. He could just sit back on his laurels and his millions and not do a thing…as many rich and famous people do, but he takes time out of his own life, which is very limited for time and he takes money out of his own pocket and busts his behind lobbying for Africa. He should get a handshake from you, not ridicule. Shame, shame, shame!!!

  2. john

    July 24, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    He’s done what he can, but like you point out there are things not being done that might really help. I know you are being facetious on some level, but you going get a lot of hate email for this. I’m glad that the email is forwarded to your account not mine.

    The phone idea is a good one. You know like I do that is being worked on.

  3. cooper

    July 24, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    It was partially facetious, only partially, but possibly reading White Man’n Burden” would help you out.

    He doesn’t have to do anything, that is true, but we need to measure the results of what he does against the gains actually made to the third world by his participation, before we go nominating him for Nobel Peace Prizes. Results should matter, before accolades are bestowed.

    Should it matter that Bono has nothing to lose by doing this? Maybe not but people who have nothing to lose by doing what they do, and that includes Bono.

    Sadly unless a celebrity is in front of the camera even our own government doesn’t give a crap. He has smitten the Beltway crowd that is for sure.

  4. TC

    July 26, 2009 at 11:19 am

    You raise very valid questions. It is important that we continue to use critical thinking when it comes to serious issues, media portrayal of do gooders & assistance organizations. Too often the real help never fully arrives or meets the goals of the action. Misdirected and misappropriated funds and corruption continue to be a facet of all aid functions. People should question, people should demand answers and transparency of data. Media should report with an unbiased approach. We have a long way to go. Thanks for sharing that.


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