From Bono to Bones

30 Jul

Apparently stuck on Bones here.


One million bones—made by an international community of artists, activists, and students—will flood our nation’s capital.

One Million Bones is a fund raising art installation designed to recognize the millions of victims killed or displaced by ongoing genocides occurring on our watch.

Our Mission is to increase global awareness of these atrocities while raising the critical funds needed to protect and aid displaced and vulnerable victims.

One Million Bones will represent victims of genocide, creating a visual demand for solutions to this issue. Ignored and therefore permitted, genocide continues today, while widespread awareness of it remains buried. One million people will each create one bone to represent one victim. Installed together, these million bones will flood the National Mall in Washington, D.C., unearthing the memory of these victims while calling citizens to action: mourning yesterday’s casualties, caring for today’s refugees, saving tomorrow’s people.

I won’t knock anyone for trying. It is frustrating, past genocides, knowing there will be future genocides, the need for diplomacy when dealing with murdering tyrannical regimes whose cooperation we need as a means to our own end. However, having been originally a photography major, one thing I’m pretty sure of is that visuals evoke emotions, but rarely in and of themselves provoke action. it’s like a sound bite. Though an immediate response of five bucks is easily doable. Oh, by the way, in case you missed it, you can make a bone and sponsor it bone for five dollars.

Though I can totally see it’s artistic merit, I’m rather conflicted about this approach, and about the end to which this mean will contribute.

Is this the solution then?

Tell me.

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