Weekend Reads at Hell on Earth

21 Aug

I’m done with school, though working and starting some research for my fall term. As that happens, it becomes more difficult to maintain this blog, consequently you’ll see less opinion, and more links to worthy reads.

Justice for all reminded about Beyond Good Intentions


The Beyond Good Intentions film series follows the round-the-world journey of first-time filmmaker, Tori Hogan, as she investigates how international aid can be more effective. Shot on location in eight different countries, the ten-episode series takes viewers along for the ride as Tori meets with countless aid workers and recipients to uncover more innovative approaches to helping communities in need.

On this journey, viewers travel with Tori through Colombia, Argentina, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, and South Africa. In each country, Tori investigates a different issue in aid effectiveness, from the role of aid workers and volunteers, to the potential impact of more innovative approaches to aid through social entrepreneurship and market-based endeavors.

The film series was inspired by Tori’s own frustrations with international aid after spending several years working and volunteering with aid projects around the world. “I continued to see well-intentioned aid initiatives failing to really make a difference,”

Other things you might be interested in this weekend:

Some work by Elisabeth Jean Wood.

Armed Groups and Sexual Violence: When Is Wartime Rape Rare? Elisabeth Jean Wood

Variation in Sexual Violence during War.

Women@War, where I got these papers, and reading the working paper Women and Girls at War:
“Wives”, Mothers, and Fighters in the Lord’s Resistance Army
, available in the aforementioned post at Dr. Blattman’s site.


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