Nov 10th

09 Nov

Tuesday, November 10, both Congress and the Administration plan to have another much-needed day for Sudan, marking the first major discussion following the release of the Administration’s Sudan policy.

Tomorrow, November 10 at 3:00 p.m. EST Sudan and anti-genocide activists are invited to the White House for a Q&A session where they will ask questions to Special Envoy to Sudan, Scott Gration, and Samantha Power, NSC Senior Director for Multilateral Affairs.

Watch the live broadcast of this meeting via streaming video at:

In addition, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will convene a closed-door full-committee briefing on Sudan at 10:30 a.m., and we encourage you to follow-up with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee members’ offices for debriefs.

In the last three weeks since the policy review’s release, little has been announced on how the Administration plans to:

· IMPLEMENT real and immediate consequences for those who continue to attack civilians, block life-saving aid, undermine peace and obstruct justice.

· LEAD a more inclusive, robust and urgent peace process for Darfur

· BUILD an international coalition for strict implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and to counter the growing violence in the South

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