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02 Mar

Genocide in Darfur: How Sudan covers it up CSM commentary by
John Prendergast and Omer Ismail
EU: Review Rights Climate for Sudan Elections

Political Parties Summit in Southern Sudan

SUDAN: Elections in a volatile climate

Medical assault on the three-foot Guinea worm of Sudan


The episode of Dan Rather Reports featuring the women of the Institute for Inclusive Security will air tonight at 8 p.m.and 11 p.m. EST. Tune in via HDNet, and check out a podcast of the show tomorrow on iTunes. Here’s a  preview.


Dan Rather Reports, which for this episode highlighted the question “Can Women Stop War?” Featuring Alice Urusaro Karekezi of Rwanda, Amra Seleskovic of Bosnia, Mossarat Qadeem of Pakistan, and Dima Sensenig of Lebanon, the episode showcased a wide variety of experiences working to resolve, recover from, and prevent armed conflicts. Ambassador Swanee Hunt, founder of the Institute for Inclusive Security, joined the discussion, contributing insights from her work promoting women in peace processes around the world.

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