Some Ideas Are Just Bad

27 Apr

Earlier today I read a post on Mashable about the 1 million shirts project. A project that begs to become a pop culture phenomena more than an aid project.

I know sites like Mashable have no responsibility to review, investigate, or even decide if logistically something makes sense. These sites put out tons of content fast, most of it not investigative but informative. However, some ideas are just bad, and despite a pretty website, this 1 million shirts project is one of those ideas. Yet thanks to Mashable I’m sure there are people wasting both their time and tee-shirts, hovering under the impression that this is how we help.

Good intentions are not enough, are never enough, and the sooner we figure that out the sooner something might get done.

Addendum added 24 hours after original post:

I just read Say No to Old Clothes
Where the opinion is that this is not even a bad idea, but a marketing ploy by people who have no intention of helping others.

Also read Nobody wants your old T-shirts

an open letter to 1millionshirts

And from Good Intentions are Not Enough:

What aid workers think of the 1 Million Shirts campaign

Here’s what 1MillionShirts thinks of aid workers

I don’t drink Hatorade

And his second unnamed video post

Apparently since posting this unprofessional response to the criticism they received, Jason and Evan have offered to do something else if someone comes up with a better idea. Which leads me to ask the question, is this about the needs of Africans or the needs of Jason and Evan. They say they are just trying to help. As I’ve said many times – Good Intentions are Not Enough to ensure good aid projects.

I’m sure there are more. At least I don’t feel like such a naysayer now.

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