Happy Mothers Day Weekend

07 May

Women Deliver.

Why Women Die

In developing countries, five causes are responsible for nearly three-quarters of all maternal deaths.

1. Haemorrhage is excessive bleeding or an abnormal blood flow.
2. Obstructed labor occurs when the fetus cannot pass through the birth canal. It is most common among young girls whose bodies are not yet mature and women whose pelvises are underdeveloped due to malnutrition.
3. Unsafe abortion is the termination of an unwanted pregnancy by a person lacking the necessary skills or in an unsanitary environment. Every year, an estimated 20 million unsafe abortions take place.
4. Sepsis is a severe infection, most common during the postpartum period.
5. Eclampsia and hypertensive disorders are blood pressure complications, which can cause convulsions and even death for pregnant women before, during, or after birth.

But these deaths can be prevented through simple cost-effective measures. Learn how.

Don’t miss the groundbreaking global conference in Washington, DC on June 7-9, 2010.

Spread the word.

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