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29 Jul

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Democracy Now

In Historic Vote, UN DeclaresWater a Fundamental Human Right
The United Nations General Assembly has declared for the first time that access to clean water and sanitation is a fundamental human right. In a historic vote Wednesday, 122 countries supported the resolution, and over forty countries abstained from voting, including the United States, Canada and several European and other industrialized countries. There were no votes against the resolution. We speak with longtime water justice activist, Maude Barlow.

Good Intentions Are Not Enough tells us that Jason at 1 million shirts , has officially and rightly thrown in the towel, and also direct us to this post Aid agencies in Africa: applaud achievers, but keep wannabees in check , a highly suggested read.

In case you’ve missed it, on the sidebar A Literal Disaster
Things are just what they seem in the Central African Republic

The Enough Project calling for you to share you Enough Moment.

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