Day Without Dignity

05 Apr

Today is A Day Without Dignity, a Good Intentions Are Not Enough campaign alternative to A Day Without Shoes, TOM’s shoes annual awareness campaign.

A Day Without Dignity is a counter-campaign to TOMS Shoes A Day Without Shoes “awareness raising campaign” (commercial). On or around April 5th – the same date as A Day Without Shoes – we’re asking aid workers, the diaspora, and people from areas that receive shoe drops and other forms of charity to speak up in blogs, on twitter, or at school.

You can read more and see the full list of posts from those taking part in the campaign here. There are some thoughtful posts, almost fifty so far, from all over the world and the web, go check them out.

Also, as an alternative to TOM’s, consider Sole Rebels.

Out of Ethiopia, the brain child of Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu (founder and current managing director), with aspirations of becoming the Nike of the African Continent. Not only does this company contribute the the economy there, it is a green company. The shoes made of of used tyres and decorated by local artists.

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu was selected as Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum, link

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2 responses to “Day Without Dignity

  1. Felicia

    April 6, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    The ridiculousness of going barefoot, it’s ridiculous, but it feels good to those participating.

    I tried to find out where TOM’s shoes were made, having been told they were eventually going to be made in the countries they were giving them out in, something that would make sense, but from what I can find the shoes are not yet made in Ethiopia or Brazil, the two areas they give out a lot of shoes and places where a factory like that would help the economy. Because I’ve never been able to find out exactly where they are made except they are made in Argentina and China, I don’t buy them.

    I think the original intention was good, in that “the I’ll help people and make a killing and become famous in the meantime” kind of way and kids do need shoes but I don’t see it as helpful in the long-run.

    Like the sole rebels, never heard of them.


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