Save the Children’s 12th Annual Mothers Index

03 May

Save the Children’s 12th annual Mothers Index is released every year prior to Mother’s Day. The ranking analyzes the maternal and child indicators and other published information of 164 countries.

In the United States a women is seven times more likely than one in Italy or Ireland to die from pregnancy-related causes, and her risk of maternal death is 15 times that of a woman in Greece. And this before the old white men get their hands on power to destroy abortion and contraception funding, and sex education.

I could discuss Norway being the best place for a woman to spit out kids, but it’s probably more notable that Afghanistan is the worse. We haven’t helped ny putting back into power warlords who not only feel a woman’s place is in the home, but in the home illiterate and subservient with very few freedoms.

The US ranked 31st, largely because of that mortality rate I introduced this post with, the highest in any industrialized nation.

Be that as it may, there are simple things that industrialized nations can do to help women in their own countries and in third world countries. Most of these solutions are proven and cost-effective, they can save lives for just a few dollars a day.

The report in PDF is provided below, the link to the site itself is at the tip of the page.


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