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Playwright Eve Ensler and Congolese Activist Christine Schuler Deschryver on Gender Violence in Congo

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Silence is the Enemy

There is clearly a debate as to whether all publicity is good publicity. We won’t get into that here, but I lean on the side of usually, with exceptions. “Silence is Not Golden”. As I’ve written about the situation in the Congo here many times I’m going to stand on what has been written in the past. I am however going to pass on a initiative soaring throughout the blogesphere, in what appears to be mostly science blogs. The “oh wow rape is occurring everywhere maybe we should tell someone about it” initiative called Silence is the Enemy.

For those who cared enough over the last 4 years to delve into some of the individual situations where conflict rape is occurring and have taken up the cause, by donating time, money, or words, don’t move on yet. Many of the participating blogs are revenue producing blogs and are donating their June proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. The revenue is from clicks so it would be a nice thing for you to mosey on over via the links and give some of those blogs on that list some click thru.

We should not look at the Congo, or similar places where brutal conflict rape occurs, and think OMG how can this happen, without first examining what happens here in a developed, technologically advanced, highly educated and well fed country, and how our own attitudes and policies regarding rape contribute to what has been a very slow, at times seemingly useless, campaign by those such as the United Nations. We should be bothered by it. With that in mind, and remembering that in many of the countries in the world where conflict rape occurs the foreign policy in regards to the offending country is always about securing either the business interests, other best interests, or security of the country from which the policy comes, and this is often a deterrent to any change. We also shouldn’t forget that poverty, lack of opportunity and education, and the resultant lack of power, is a significant part of the problem. To that end, after working to provide basic health care, food and the necessities for existence, we need to work to provide opportunities for sustainable living, education, i.e. opportunity for socioeconomic growth to those who suffer most, and to those who want nothing more than to help themselves, as this is likely the best way to fight this scourge.

So go do some clicking, Doctors Without Borders does some fine work.

Feel free to spread the word too.

Also of possible of interest:

You can also read the recent report by Physicians for Human Rights, in partnership with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, the report documents “the ongoing abuse of women who fled the civil war in Darfur but continue to face the threat of rape as residents of refugee camps in neighboring Chad”. The report can be found at Darfuri Women dot Org in Nowhere to Turn: Failure to Protect, Support and Assure Justice for Darfuri Women.

You can read more about it in James F. Smiths pieces at the Boston Globe, and Boston dot com.
Tracking the war on women in Darfur
Boston team produces Darfur rape study

You can also view a video interview with Dr Sondra Cosby, medical services director for the Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights at Boston Medical Center, she traveled to Darfur with the Cambridge based Physicians for Human Rights.

New! TEN REASONS WHY Eastern Congo is the Most Dangerous Place on Earth for Women

Should you just want just to donate without clicking as, some suggestions:

Women for Women
Doctors Without Borders
Healing Trauma in DR Congo
War on Women in the Congo – Eve Ensler
Heal Africa

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Women, Rape, War

Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Russ Feingold presided over a joint hearing of the Foreign Relations Subcommittee on International Operations and Organizations, Human Rights, Democracy and Global Women’s Issues and the Subcommittee on African Affairs, WednesdayThe hearing was titled, “Confronting Rape and Other Forms of Violence Against Women in Conflict Zones,” and focused specifically on Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


Testimony of John Prendergast, Co-founder of the Enough Project, Before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

You can see the list of those who testified here at the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, or below.

The pdf of individual testimonies are offered at the site above via the blue links, the video of the this event is not available at the site as yet, the large link of the conference title e does not provide a link to the testimony at least at this time, it leads somewhere else.


Panel 1:
The Honorable Melanne Verveer
Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues
Department of State
Washington, DC
The Honorable Esther Brimmer
Assistant Secretary of State for
International Organization Affairs
Department of State
Washington, DC
Phil Carter
Acting Assistant Secretary
of the Bureau of African Affairs
Department of State
Washington, DC

Panel 2:
Eve Ensler
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Chouchou Namegabe Nabintu
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Robert Warwick
Country Director of Southern Sudan
International Rescue Committee
Southern Sudan
Neimat Ahmadi
Darfuri Liason Officer
Save Darfur Coalition
Washington, DC
John Prendergast
The Enough Project
Washington, DC

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Darfur Reads

US State Dept. moves toward appeasement policy with Khartoum

Fury in Sudan over ‘repressive’ draft press law

SUDAN: NGOs accuse government of “extortion”

5 US lawmakers, others arrested at Darfur protest

Darfur rebels sentenced to death

Genocide Prevention Month on Vimeo, videos to check out.

The Last Survivor: Denial


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Candles For Rwanda

Rwanda marks genocide anniversary
Remembering Rwanda–and the Clinton Failure
How to help Rwanda
Why the US didn’t intervene in the Rwandan genocide
What Is The World Doing About Preventing Genocide, Besides Talking?… well they are lighting candles.

“During World War II, much of the full horror of the Holocaust was known after the fact. But in Rwanda, we knew before, during, and after,” says Ted Dagne, a researcher at the Congressional Research Service in Washington, who has traveled to Rwanda on fact-finding missions. “We knew, but we didn’t want to respond.”

Stars Light ‘Candles For Rwanda’ For Genocide Survivors

Honestly, I can barely stand to look at candle lighters. I know the intention is good but I think we like lighting candles, it makes us think we are doing something. We will forever be remembering victims of genocides and unprovoked pre-preemptive wars. It is that path that needs to be changed. I understand the need for those in Rwanda to light candles and the need for others to show solidarity but it is slightly hypocritical on so many levels. “Ok I’ve lit my candle for this month, now call the limo driver I need to go to the Spa and get a good massage”.

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International Women’s Day

As a prelude to International Women’s Day, with a United Nations Theme of “Women and men united to end violence against women and girls”, you might want to download and view the Film – Violence Against Women and the Darfur Genocide from Save Darfur.

The film is via Quick Time, and the panel discussion can be opened via the most recent version of Windows Media Player.

Should you choose to sponsor an event, sharing discussion on violence against women with a group, there are further instructions, and links to an activity kit, at the site linked above.

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Ann Curry in Darfur and Save Darfur’s Violence Against Women and the Darfur Genocide

From Ann Curry’s Twitter from Darfur
In one refugee camp a boy sits down before me, his eyes full of suffering Around his neck, the amulets that are supposed to protect him.

Violence Against Women and the Darfur Genocide: Video available at Save Darfur or here

Panel discussion with Maria Bello, Niemat Ahmadi, Dr. Kelly Dawn Askin, John Hefferan and Reverend Gloria E. White-Hammond, M.D. available for download.

In the meantime Sudan accused of attacks day after Darfur deal, and

full deployment of a joint UN-African Union peacekeeping mission in Sudan’s Darfur has been delayed yet again, the UN said on Wednesday, blaming the delay on logistics rather than politics.

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