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Congratulations South Sudan

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An estimated 120 people have been reported killed in the renewed fighting between Darfurian rebel groups (JEM, JLM and SLA-MM) and government forces (SAF) and factions loyal to the government. In the fighting, Antonov aircrafts, MiGs and helicopters were used in bombing, in support of vehicle-mounted troops and horse and camel riders. Civilians were also targeted.

Radio Dabanga

Sudan will hold a referendum on whether to unify the three states of its Darfur territory into one region, a presidential aide has said

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New York Times Mistranslates Testimony Sudanese Woman?

Via UN Dispatch.

The New York Times Mistranslates the Testimony of a Sudanese Woman, by Penelope Chester

The New York Times, where

the prices of sugar have gone up, and it’s making it hard … you’re asking me about making a living, right? everything is so expensive, customers don’t even come anymore. Besides you guys, nobody’s been sitting in those chairs…’


The clashes (between Dinka and Misseriya) have made it very dangerous here. They killed my son and burned our home. I am very angry over the death of my son.’”

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George Clooney speaks with President Carter

ht A View From The Cave

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South Sudan referendum underway

Sudan referendum: what to watch

Masses turn out to vote in S Sudan

After Sudan, should more African borders be redrawn?

Officials Optimistic About Sudan Vote

Southern Sudan on cusp of independence as voters heads to polls Sunday

On Sudan, the view from outside Africa

Sudan Votes! Photos from the Historic Day in South Sudan

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Satellite Sentinel Project

When celebrities are useful.

Satellite Sentinel Project

UN Dispatch: Why George Clooney Matters, Mark Leon Goldberg


Animal Shaped Cities in South Sudan

Juba in the shape of a Rhino.

Wau into a giraffe, according to the Independent.

South Sudan Plans $10.1 Billion Animal-Shaped Cities

Southern Sudan unveils plans to build animal-shaped cities

Rhino City Planned in Sudan
Flora, Fauna, & Flamboyance: Southern Sudan’s Municipal Fantasy

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