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Reading This Weekend


450,000 Displaced by Côte d’Ivoire Crisis

Women leading change in Liberia

Be CAREful When Donating

Disaster Donation Advice From Good Intentions Are Not Enough.

Taylor war crimes case goes to judges

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On Monday, Nov. 9, Pledge2Protect attendees will be heading to Capitol Hill to lobby their elected officials for a comprehensive strategy on genocide prevention.

Looks like Turkey threw it’s hat in the wring with the EU via Bec Hamilton,

According to AFP, the Sudanese state media is reporting that Bashir has called Turkish President Gul to say he doesn’t have time to go to attend the Organization of the Islamic Conference scheduled for tomorrow. As the Sudan Tribune tells the story, Taha told Bashir that Israeli and Greek fighter jets might intercept his plane if he went to Turkey.

Wading through all the diplo-speak, it’s pretty safe to say that Turkey threw it’s hat in with the EU it wants to become part of, instead of with Bashir. The rest of the coverage just involves face-saving, for both sides.

On a New Book


Environment and Conflict in Africa: Reflections on Darfur. (PDF) 404 PAGES.

Source UPEACE Africa prgroamme.

This volume examines climate and ecological changes in Sub-Saharan Africa, and how these relate to conflicts on the continent. Particular attention is paid to environmental and livelihood aspects of the crisis in Darfur. Conclusions are drawn regarding peace-building in areas facing resource constraints.

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Reading for Darfur

Maw Books is reading for Darfur, and she has rather a contest going on.

She has recommendations set up.

If you’re a book lover, and interested in Darfur, this may be the place for you this month.


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