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The Somalia Drought

Visualizing the East African Drought

UN Launches Largest Ever Famine Relief Effort

Famine Declared in Somalia as Scale & Scope Reach Catastrophic Levels

To address the regional crisis FAO is calling for an additional $120 million for the Horn of Africa including $70 million for Somalia and $50 million for Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti and Uganda. In this scenario it is important not to forget the humanitarian crisis in the Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan for which FAO appealed for $37 million.

“We need to not lose sight that there is a tiny window of opportunity to prevent massive deaths and destitution,” said Rod Charters, FAO Regional Emergency Coordinator for Eastern Africa.

“Currently in the neighboring countries of Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti, 7.9 million people are in need of urgent emergency assistance. Support through agriculture and livestock not only provides essential food but an income for families and we need to give people affected by the drought the chance to rebuild their lives,” he added.

Via Famine in Somalia
International emergency meeting to mobilize support

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International Women’s Day

The brave and historical speech of Malalai Joya in the LJ

Malalai Joya

Afghan politician and human rights campaigner who has shown phenomenal courage

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“Urgent action now will make a big difference to the women and girls of Afghanistan.”

via Women to Women International

Urgent action now will make a big difference to the women and girls of Afghanistan.
As the world is about to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, peace negotiations are happening that will determine the future of Afghanistan. Women are excluded from taking a full part in these negotiations, and we demand that women have an equal seat at the negotiating table, and an equal voice in determining their future, and the future of their country.
There is no peace without women. More than anything, women in Afghanistan need security so that they can play a full part in rebuilding their country.
Let’s support our sisters, and help them to build a better future for Afghanistan. We can do this by signing this petition and joining together on bridges on 8th March, International Women’s Day, alongside our sisters in Afghanistan and other war-torn countries across the world.
This petition will be presented to your Foreign Secretary of State, calling for urgent action so that Afghan women can play a full part in building the bridges of peace for their future.
Sign the petition now.

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In Congo, Attitudes About Rape as a Weapon Remain Tough to Change

via PBS.

Gwen Ifill talks with two experts familiar with the sexual violence that has occurred in the Democratic Republic of Congo over the past decade.

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Liberian Made Hand Bags On Esty

You’ve probably seen the beach bags for sale by women in Liberia in the widget on the side bar. These are bags from The Women’s Sewing Co-op in Robertsport, Liberia. If you read my wonderland or not blog you know that I have friends from and in Liberia, and I surf. As a consequence, supporting the area of Liberia where I hope to surf one day soon is a no brainer.

From Anonymous Country I find that the Women’s Sewing Co-op is now on Etsy! The shipping cost is quite steep, but don’t let that deter you. Eventually, if enough stuff is shipped, the shipping costs should come down, So show your support and start buying some beach bags. 😉

According to the post at anonymous country a dedicated Co-op website is coming soon. In the meantime you can purchase beach bags, or handbags via Etsy here for the beach bag, and here for the hand bag

Beach bags made by women in Liberia
Robertsport Community Blog at blogspot
Women’s Sewing Cooperative

Support Something Small, Do Something Big

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Thousand Sisters

I should have posted this last month, as I run every year in my local run, but I was finishing out my grad school term, eyeball deep in work, and forgot to post it.

After finding out about Women for Women in 2006, and sponsoring two women, Lisa started Run for Congo Women, a series of runs and walks that support women in the DRC.

Lisa traveled to DRC in 2007. The book is a result of all this. Released last month A Thousand Sisters.

A Thousand Sisters


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Happy Mothers Day Weekend

Women Deliver.

Why Women Die

In developing countries, five causes are responsible for nearly three-quarters of all maternal deaths.

1. Haemorrhage is excessive bleeding or an abnormal blood flow.
2. Obstructed labor occurs when the fetus cannot pass through the birth canal. It is most common among young girls whose bodies are not yet mature and women whose pelvises are underdeveloped due to malnutrition.
3. Unsafe abortion is the termination of an unwanted pregnancy by a person lacking the necessary skills or in an unsanitary environment. Every year, an estimated 20 million unsafe abortions take place.
4. Sepsis is a severe infection, most common during the postpartum period.
5. Eclampsia and hypertensive disorders are blood pressure complications, which can cause convulsions and even death for pregnant women before, during, or after birth.

But these deaths can be prevented through simple cost-effective measures. Learn how.

Don’t miss the groundbreaking global conference in Washington, DC on June 7-9, 2010.

Spread the word.

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