We Know

27 Apr

As humanitarians we have goals which do not always coincide with that of the politics of any particular government.

We know all about President Omar al-Bashir, and his golden goose full of oil.

We know they fear of complicit politics, and we know that a lasting peace in the Sudan – Darfur in particular in this case – cannot occur in circumstances in which a political solution involving many parties has not been met. We are aware of the fact that the situation in Darfur can not be stopped for the long term until political considerations are worked out permanently and are satisfactory to all involved.

We know this is not merely an ethnic cleansing of Africans by Arab pro-government militias and are aware of the part drought and famine play in the conflict.

We are not blind to the fact that the situation in Darfur/Sudan in the end will need a political solution.

We are also aware that that Darfur in general is has been relegated to position of insignificance by the government in Khartoum, that their own government has forsaken them, put power and greed over life.

The media may not report it, there is too much else going on with Anna Nicole dying and all, but we know this and much more.

It does not stop the fact that the people of Darfur can not wait.

Understanding it does not change the fact that women are still getting raped, children are starving, families are continuing to be displaced, and the murder continues after all this time. It doesn’t make it any less of genocide than it was before.

We want a solution, we want a multilateral force in Darfur to aid with peacekeeping to protect the people of Darfur who continue to get raped, die, starve and lose their homes.

It had been suggested that certain Western governments do not have exact and stellar human right records of their own and should therefore not be significant participants in the brokerage of such solutions.

Well Africa get it going on then.

Save part of Africa and  encourage the government of Sudan to let the world help.


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