Scream Bloody Murder, Be a Voice for Darfur.

04 Dec

Listen to Jerry Farrell — an aid worker who has lived in Darfur for three years running programs fro Save the Children — on NPR.

“He describes a lawless region, where peacekeepers can’t even patrol camps, and bandits run off with just about anything they can steal. Asked what a new Obama administration could do, Farrell says there are no easy answers other than trying to restart peace talks.”

The 60th anniversary of the adoption of Geneva Convention (December 9th)

Just a reminder Scream Bloody Murder today at 9PM ET/PT. Additional dates and times can be found here.

After you check out the documentary let Save Darfur know what you think.

Be a Voice for Darfur

Dear President-Elect Obama,

As a candidate, you promised “unstinting resolve” to end the genocide in Darfur.

I urge you to keep that promise by making Darfur a priority from day one of your term to achieve:

* Protection of civilians from violence, starvation and disease
* Sustainable peace for all Sudan
* Justice for victims and accountability for perpetrators

Be a Voice HERE.


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